South Whitehall Township Workshops

Join these 30 minute, hands on, step by step demonstrations, and Q&A sessions throughout the 2019 year to help you take action against the Spotted Lanternfly! They will be held in several different locations around the township depending on the locations of the items and trees. Keep a close eye on this page as dates and location slowly populate and ‘Like’ our Facebook page: South Whitehall Township Parks and Recreation for the most up to date information.

Date/Time: Topic: Location:
October 2018 Tree Identification
January 2019 Egg Scraping
February 16 9:00am Egg Scraping Grandlawn Playground
March 2019 (TBD) Tree of Heaven Removal TBD
March 2019 (TBD) Trap Tree Setup TBD
April 2019 (TBD) Tree Wrapping TBD
May 2019 (TBD) Nymph ID TBD
May 2019 (TBD) Tree Wrapping TBD
June 2019 (TBD) Nymph ID TBD
June 2019 (TBD) Tree Wrapping TBD
July 2019 (TBD) Nymph ID II TBD
July 2019 (TBD) Tree Wrapping TBD
August 2019 (TBD) Adult ID TBD
August 2019 (TBD) Pesticide Application TBD
September 2019 (TBD) Adult ID TBD
September 2019 (TBD) Pesticide Application TBD
September 2019 (TBD) Tree of Heaven ID TBD
October 2019 (TBD) Tree of Heaven ID TBD