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Covered Bridge Park Master Plan

Covered Bridge Park

Located between two historic covered bridges along the Jordan Creek, Covered Bridge Park serves as South Whitehall Township’s premier park. This park has three picnic pavilions, four ball fields, four football/soccer fields, handball courts, disc golf, volleyball courts, walking path, recreation center and public restrooms. The Pennsylvania Fish Commission stocks the Jordan Creek every spring. This park hosts special events and picnic pavilions can be reserved. The main park entrance is located at 2465 Wehr Mill Road, Allentown, PA 18104.

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The Vistas

After gathering public input in 2018, the Township and Penn Praxis have finalized a master plan for the Vistas Park.  Click here for more information.  We hope you like it!

South Whitehall Township is a community partner with St. Lukes and we encourage everyone to get your Tail on the Trail! Click on the flier to sign up for the program and earn FREE gear!

Park Rules and Regulations

6.81 Rules & Regulations (Township sanctioned events or programs are exempt from the following rules)

All parks and recreational areas are open to the public in accordance with the following schedule

1. Regular Hours: All parks and recreational areas are open to the public from dawn till dusk on all
days of the year.

  • Fishing: The park shall be open to fishermen, actively engaged in fishing activities, 24 hours per day. Fishing is permitted in Covered Bridge Park in accordance with the current Pennsylvania Fish Laws, unless otherwise posted. No digging of bait is allowed.
  • Parking: Motor vehicles may not be parked within the parks or recreational areas except in designated parking areas.
  • Prohibited Activities: Camping, hunting, golfing ( striking or hitting of golf balls), trapping, fireworks, the use of firearms, air rifles, spring guns, bows and arrows or slings, ice skating and digging of any kind are prohibited. Township sanctioned events or programs are exempt from this rule.
  • Animal Control: No animals are allowed in the park or recreational areas unless controlled by a leash. The individual in charge of an animal entering any park or recreational area is required to be in possession of proper implements for the gathering and disposing of animal feces. All feces will be collected immediately, removed from park or recreational area, and disposed of in accordance with accepted sanitary standards.
  • Fires: Fires are permitted only in Covered Bridge Park and Fernwood Park (formerly known as Molinaro Park). Fires may be maintained only in fireplaces provided, or in grills brought to the park for this purpose. All fires shall be extinguished before leaving. Charcoal or other material used as the source of fuel for the fire shall be properly disposed of in the ash receptacles located in the park.
  • Respect of Park Property: Cutting, mutilating, removing or taking away of trees, shrubs, or flowers, or the removal, defacing, or damaging of any park or recreational area property is prohibited.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: Drinking and/or the possession of alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Prohibited Conduct: Intoxication, indecent language, and disorderly conduct are prohibited.
  • Prohibition of Working on Vehicles: No vehicle can be repaired mechanically, washed, painted, or have any other work performed on it within the confines of the Covered Bridge Park area.
  • Activities Requiring Permits: A permit is required for the following activities on all South Whitehall Township Recreational sites:
    1. Reservation for group picnics
    2. Reservation for group activities