Green Advisory Council (GAC)

Join Us – The Green Advisory Council Meets on the 3rd Monday of the Month at 6:00pm.  Check the ‘Upcoming Events’ section of our website homepage for exact meeting location.

Our Mission – The Green Advisory Council will advise the Board of Commissioners on the responsible use and conservation of South Whitehall Township’s natural resources to promote a sustainable community for generations to come.  Working with township officials, we will identify and support initiatives aimed at engaging and educating residents and businesses on the economic and societal benefits of environmentally responsible choices.

Informational & Educational Materials Related To Our Mission:

Penn State Extension Educational Webinars & Workshops 

Virtual Storm Water Education


Frank Petrocelli: Chairman

My wife and I have lived in South Whitehall Township since 2002.  We have two daughters; in the fall, one will be starting her freshman year at Penn State and one will be starting her freshman year at Parkland High School.  I have both B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering, and worked for Air Products for 29+ years, retiring in 2018; during my last decade with Air Products, I worked on R&D for a major company investment in waste-to-energy projects, heightening my appreciation for the role of technology in combating climate change.  I currently work for an insurance company, Argo Group, where I am part of a team that provides insurance to assist in the financing of clean-energy projects, including utility-scale solar (PV panels) and energy storage (batteries), as well as various waste-to-energy technologies.


Judy Cooper: Vice Chairman

I grew up in South Whitehall and graduated from Parkland High School. After attending Penn State for my B.A. degree, I moved to Dallas, Texas, where I earned a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Southern Methodist University. Since 2008, I have worked for SWCA Environmental Consultants (SWCA), a national consulting firm, helping private and public sector clients comply with environmental regulations related to natural and cultural resources. In that time, I lived in Colorado, North Dakota, Texas, and Illinois, before returning to South Whitehall with my husband in 2018. I currently work as a Special Projects Director at SWCA, leading internal strategic initiatives related to employee development and culture. Outside of work, I volunteer with an ovarian cancer awareness organization, as well as at an animal rescue, where I help with dog care and foster dogs.


Gregory Duncan: Secretary

My wife and I moved to South Whitehall in 2005 after considering many places to live, we found this community to be one we wanted to be part of. We have one daughter who currently attends Springhouse Middle School. For decades, I have been interested in topics related to natural resource conservation and alternative energy production. I am a professional engineer with 18 years’ experience as a water resources consultant as well as being a developer of water treatment technologies. Professionally, I have helped more than a dozen communities develop MS4 strategies and TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) plans, including multi-municipal planning efforts aimed at meeting clean water standards in a cost-effective way by sharing labor and resources through watershed-level planning. I also consult for multiple clients in the solar industry, applying my knowledge of surface water to develop large-scale, high-resolution computer model studies to help guide my clients’ decisions and protect their investments from losses due to flooding. Similarly, I have consulted for a number of cities and townships in the region on flood mitigation planning programs.