After School Series

This is a group of four days where the participants will be introduced to an activity or interest in thirty minutes to an hour long classes that will happen on site right after school lets out. The kids will walk to the program being held at their school and participate and then be picked up afterwards. The program is only offered to the students that attend that particular school and most of the offered classes will be offered to 3rd through 5th grades. Each introductory program that we run has the potential to turn into a club if volunteers from the school’s community are willing to help it grow. A club would meet once or twice a week for 7 week stretches and we are hopeful that there will be several of these developing from our week long introductory classes.

To see what is offered at your child’s schools please click on their school’s page to the left and check out all the fun!

If you are interested in adding a specific category of classes to your South Whitehall Township school please contact Page Durflinger at (610) 398-0401!