Summer Playground Program is FULL for 2019!!!

We are excited to announce that the Summer Playground Program for 2019 is officially FULL as of 6/13/19! All 450 kids that signed up are in for a fun and exciting summer and we can’t wait for Monday!

Parkway Manor: 150 Kids (filled up on 6/3/2019!)

Cetronia : 150 Kids (filled up on 6/3/2019!)

Kratzer : 150 Kids (filled up on 6/13/2019!)

We had opened registration as of March 1st and found that the extra month of registration was helpful for those parents wishing to learn about the new online registration option through RecDesk. Even though the registration was mostly online this year we still offered a cash/check payment option for parents. We did have a handful of those for each site this year and it was successful.

Thank you for all of your understanding and patience throughout the registration period this year.