IMPORTANT Message from Advanced Disposal

**IMPORTANT** Message From Advanced Disposal –

As you know, cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are rapidly spreading throughout our area. It has been determined by the CDC that the virus can remain viable for hours to days on a variety of waste materials thrown out to be collected. With that said, Advanced Disposal Services will be requiring that all waste be bagged using 32 gallon trash bags in order to be collected. Loose trash will be left at the curb and not picked up by our company. **CLARIFICATION – All trash inside your container MUST be in a bag. You can continue using your 13gal kitchen bags. However, if you are using your curbside collection cart as an everyday trash can, you must use a 32 gallon bag to contain it. This prevents loose trash items from entering the trash truck and blowing all over the road.**

**If residents are using containers, all trash must still be bagged in the container in order to be collected. Loose trash in containers will also not be collected. This process does NOT include recycling. Recycling must remain loose in containers. This process is for the protection of our employees as well as the residents of your municipalities in order to reduce the spread of the virus.**

**Due to the late notification, we will continue to collect all trash that is curbside during the week of March 23 to March 27, 2020. Effective March 30th no loose trash will be accepted.**

Thank you