Do I have to register my alarm? Where do I register it?

All residential and business burglar, intrusion, hold-up, and fire alarms are required to be registered with the Police department. There is no fee for registration. Complete the form and return it to the Police department. NOTE: This is separate from any permit that may be required for installation. The Alarm Registration form can be downloaded from the Forms section on this page.

How can I let the Police know who to call for an after-hours emergency at my business?

Businesses are requested to provide after-hours contact information to be filed with the Police department as well as Lehigh County Radio. This information is kept confidential and is only used for Police purposes. Complete the form and return it to the Police department. The Business Emergency Contacts form can be downloaded from the Forms section on this page.

I need to have my fingerprints taken (for licensing, employment, etc.). What do I need to do?

Fingerprinting services are provided for residents and employees of businesses within South Whitehall Township ONLY. All others will be directed to their proper jurisdiction for this service.

          Fee: $ 10.00

Hours for fingerprinting are 10 am – 12 pm; 1 pm – 3 pm; Monday through Friday. You must produce photo identification and provide your own fingerprint cards. (We do not have a stock of employment/applicant fingerprint cards.)

I need to have a record check or letter of recommendation completed by my local police department. How do I obtain those items?

A record check application must be completed prior to check being conducted. There is a 24-hour waiting period. If a letter is required, indicate that on the record check application form.

          Fee: $10.00

Requirements: Completed application along with proper ID is required to release information. RECORD CHECKS WILL NOT BE FAXED. This check is run on South Whitehall Township Police Dept records ONLY. For a complete criminal history check contact the business office to obtain an application for a Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check. The Record Check Application form can be downloaded from the Forms section on this page.

How do I obtain a copy of an Accident report?

Copies of accident reports can be picked up in person during regular office hours, Monday through Friday. It is recommended you call ahead to be sure the report is available. Requests can also be made via US Mail by including the following items in the request along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. REPORTS WILL NOT BE FAXED.

          Fee: $10.00

Requirements: Date of accident, name of driver(s) involved, location. The Report Request form can be downloaded from the Forms section on this page.

Requests for incident reports must be submitted through Right To Know Requests. Information on RTK can be found on the Police RTK page.

How do I request extra police vigilance on my home while I’m away?

Vigilance requests can be made for extra patrols while out of town, etc. Complete the Vigilance request and return it to the Police Department at least 24 hours prior to your departure. The Vigilance Request form can be downloaded from the Forms section on this page.

VIGILANCE REQUEST UPDATE:  South Whitehall Township Police Department has made some changes to this program so we may better serve our residents while providing for the safety of our personnel.

We are unable to accept requests if the home has any of the following conditions:

  • doors or windows are deliberately left open;
  • temporary guests will be staying at the home;
  • the home is “For Sale or Rent” and is unoccupied or may be shown by agents.

We also need to limit the time period for our checks to 30 days per request as this service is not intended to cover second homes vacant for extended times. Home checks are done on a random basis as time and staffing permit.

This program should not be used in place of prudent home security methods, systems or devices.

If you wish to participate in the Vigilance Registration Program please complete and sign a registration form and return it to the South Whitehall Township Police Department. Registration forms can be obtained at the Police Department on online at any time. If you change your dates of departure/return, or return early, please call South Whitehall Township Police Department at 610-398-0337.

Please consider alerting your neighbors to your plans and request that they immediately report anything suspicious to the Police Department by calling 911.

Arrange for your residence to look normal while you are gone (i.e., have your grass cut, snow shoveled, insure that mail and newspaper deliveries are either collected or stopped, place lights on timers.)

Where do I pay my parking ticket? What if I disagree with the ticket?

Using the ticket mailer, parking ticket fines can be mailed to the

Police Department Administration Office
4444 Walbert Avenue
Allentown, PA 18104

Parking fines are set at $15.00 if paid within 72 hours, and $30.00 if paid between 72 hours and 10 days, for all violations except Handicap Zone violations, which are $50.00 if paid within 72 hours, and $100.00 if paid between 72 hours and 10 days. After 10 days, a state citation is issued and additional costs will be assessed.

If you wish to contest a Parking Ticket, contact the issuing police officer and a state citation will be issued.

When you receive your copy of the citation from the District Justice’s office, follow the instructions on the back to request a hearing with the District Judge.

I received a traffic citation. What do I do now?

You MUST respond to the citation within 10 days or a warrant will be issued by the District Justice’s office. Follow the directions on the citation to plead guilty or not guilty and forward the signed copy and appropriate payment to the District Court listed on Line 3 of the citation. Your check or money order should be made payable to the District Court number listed on Line 1. You may respond in person or via US Mail, however, to set up a payment plan, you must appear in person.

The Magisterial District Judge for South Whitehall Township is:

Jacob Hammond
District Court 31-2-02
3404 Hamilton Blvd
Allentown, PA 18103

My pet ran away; who should I contact?

Please visit the animal information section of our website.

What can I do about the skunks (or other nuisance animals) in my yard?

Please visit the animal information section of our website.

What is the Premise Alert System?

The Premise Alert System provides families with a uniform method to alert first responders about special needs individuals. It also provides first responders with advance knowledge, allowing for quick and educated responses during crises, evacuations, and disasters. Police Chief Kevin McCarthy, Sr. along with Susan F. Rzucidlo, advocate, created this program. It was implemented as a Chester County program in Nov. 2004. The Premise Alert System is currently on track to become a statewide program.

Who can use the Premise Alert system?

Anyone who has a special need, health challenge or disability such as, but not limited to, Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, Mental Health Challenges, Mental Retardation, a complex or rare medical condition, who would like first responders such as police, ambulance and fire department to know of their special needs. **HIV/AIDS IS NOT CONSIDERED A RELEVANT MEDICAL CONDITION FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS FORM, THE PREMISE ALERT SYSTEM AND PROGRAM. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD INFORMATION RELATED TO AN INDIVIDUAL’S HIV/AIDS STATUS BE DISCLOSED ON THIS FORM BY ANYONE.

Do I have to give my Foster Care Child’s name on the Premise Alert form?

No, it can be processed without a name but someone with authorization needs to sign the form.

Who can fill out the Premise Alert form?

  •  Individuals with special needs can fill it out for themselves.
  • Parents of minor children
  • Guardians of minor children
  • Current Foster Care Parents (child’s name isn’t required)
  • Those with LEGAL guardianship for another
  • Those with the Power of Attorney for another