Civil Service Information



The South Whitehall Township Civil Service Commission will be accepting applications for the position of Patrol Officer.  FILING DEADLINE: 12noon, Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

Applicants for any position in the Police Department shall possess at a minimum at the time of application, an associate degree of not fewer than sixty (60) credit hours (or equivalent) from an accredited college or university, or shall have completed at least sixty (60) credit hours (or equivalent) in a bachelor’s degree program where the courses taken possess sufficient depth and breadth to qualify for an associate degree from an accredited college or university. Alternatively, an applicant who has been honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces with at least two (2) years of active duty, or has provided satisfactory police service in a Pennsylvania municipality for at least two (2) years, after proper Commonwealth certification, must have credit for not fewer than thirty (30) credit hours (or equivalent) from an accredited college or university at the time of application. “Accredited college or university,” as used in this paragraph, shall mean accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, or its successor, or an equivalent accreditation organization for colleges and universities outside the service area of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Credit hours shall not qualify unless taught by faculty onsite for instruction.  All applicants must have reached twenty-one years of age before the deadline for submitting completed applications.  A successful Applicant must also live within a radius of twenty five miles from the boundaries of the Township within six months of completing his/her probationary period, and must continually maintain this residency requirement while a police officer.  Every applicant shall be a United States citizen, be physically and mentally fit to perform the full duties of a police officer, and, prior to appointment, possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Final appointment shall be contingent upon successful completion of all Police Academy pre-entrance examinations prescribed by the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission at the time of a conditional offer of employment or possession of a current Act 120 certification at the time of appointment.

A $40.00 non-refundable fee is required at the time of filing the application, payable to South Whitehall Township. 

Applications and necessary forms can be obtained at the South Whitehall Township Administration Building, 4444 Walbert Avenue, Allentown, PA, Monday through Friday, 8AM-4PM. and are available in downloadable PDF format at:  Completed applications must be filed at the South Whitehall Township Administration Department at the above address by the filing deadline.

Qualified applicants will be subject to a civil service examination consisting of a physical agility examination, written examination, oral examination, polygraph examination and background examination.  In addition, a medical examination and a psychological examination will be administered to an applicant who is given a conditional offer of employment. The first part of the examination, the physical agility examination, will be administered on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 3:30pm.

Copies of the job description and essential job functions are available for inspection at the Administration building and at

South Whitehall Township is an equal opportunity employer.

NOTE:  Applications will not be accepted after the filing deadline.