CANCELLED – Zoning Hearing Board Meeting | 7:30 PM

This meeting has been CANCELLED due to preventative measures being taken to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

ZHB-2020-01:  The CONTINUANCE of the appeal of Gulamali A. Jaffer, Fatima G. Jaffer, Fatma A. Jaffer from the February 26, 2020 hearing date.

ZHB-2020-02:  The appeal of Forge Development Group seeking an interpretation of Section 350-24(c)(16) of the Zoning Ordinance for Flex Space frontage, and Warehousing and Distribution frontage as part of a Flex Space. In the alternative, a Variance is requested from Section 350-24(c)(16), Conditional Use, Warehousing and Distribution Minimum Lot Frontage, to utilize the existing frontage of 325.07 feet rather than the required 450 feet frontage, thus requesting relief of 124.93 feet of frontage. The IC-1 District allows for Primary uses permitted within a Flex Space use to meet a minimum frontage of 300 feet.  Within the same section, Warehousing and Distribution is permitted as a Conditional Use and shall have a minimum frontage of 450 feet. The definition of the Flex Space (350-48(f)(4) does not permit the establishment of a use within a Flex Space that would not otherwise be permitted in accordance with the Zoning Ordinance, nor does it abrogate any requirements of any individual Use proposed within the Flex Space that are in accordance with this Zoning Ordinance.  The subject property is located at 1215 Hausman Road and is zoned IC-1, Industrial Commercial Special Height Limitation. Tax ID No. 547649987494

The above-referenced properties are in South Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, PA.  Copies of any plans, applications, and/or supporting documents that were submitted can be available for public inspection at the Township Building during normal business hours where they may be examined without charge or obtained for a charge not greater than the cost thereof (it is recommended that appointments be made in advance).  All appellants, or their representative with legal standing, must attend.  All objectors and interested parties are invited to attend and will have the opportunity to be heard.