Trick or Treat | 6:00 PM

Trick or Treat in South Whitehall Township will be from 6-8 P.M. on Friday Oct. 25th with a rain date on Saturday Oct. 26th. Here are some Halloween safety tips:

· Children should only go trick-or-treating with a responsible adult.

· If you can’t accompany your younger children as they trick-or-treat, make sure at least one, and preferably more, responsible adults go with them.

· Instruct children that they should never go into a stranger’s house or car unless their parents or other trusted adults are with them and say it’s OK. If a stranger tries to make them go somewhere they should scream as loudly as possible and run to safety as quickly as they can.

· Make sure kids know how to safely cross streets – look in both directions, and only use crosswalks or well-lit street corners.

· Know the route your children will take while trick-or-treating if you are not going with them and have them check in.

· Make sure your children have costumes that are fire retardant, contain reflective strips or material, do not obstruct their vision or movement, and that any props that depict knives or other sharp objects are made of a dull, flexible material. Have at least one flashlight per group of trick-or-treaters.

· Carefully examine all of the treats before you let your children handle or consume them.

· Check the local and state sex offender websites to see if there are any sex offenders living in your area.

· Try any makeup products on a small area of a child’s arm several days before trick-or-treating to see if they have any reaction.

· If you cannot accompany them, having the children carry a cell phone lets them keep in touch and the phones also contain a GPS chip to help locate lost