Adventure Aquarium Field Trip Frenzy | 7:00 AM

Friday, December 18


Youth ages 6 to 12 years old.

Adventure Aquarium

An early start to this trip is necessary, so drop the kids at Covered Bridge Park fat 7:00am for a quick play on the playground before they board the bus. Once the group is gathered and the bus is boarded, we will be on our way to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ! The trip is an estimated 2 hour drive and we are hopeful that we will arrive at around 9:30am when the facility opens! The Aquarium is home to the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast, including the only great hammerhead shark on exhibit in the United States, the only aquarium in the world to exhibit hippos, one of only six facilities in the US to have Little Blue penguins as permanent residents and exhibits the longest Shark Bridge in the world, a unique V-shaped rope suspension bridge just inches over Shark Realm. The group will spit up into groups of 10 kids to explore and see the World’s Tallest Underwater Christmas Tree, Snow Shower Dance Parties and more. Children can share their wishes with Scuba Santa by dropping their personalized letters in a special mailbox in Ocean Realm. At 11:45am the group will eat a packed lunch that they bring with them. They will have more time to explore then all gather to catch the 2:00pm movie featuring ‘Penguins 3D’. Once the film is over the group will make their way back down to the lobby and head out to the bus. We are hopeful to return to Covered Bridge Park by 5:00pm to be picked up!

The Registration fee for this Field Trip is:

Residents – $50.00

Non-Residents – $65.00

Registration Window is from 11/15/18 till 12/5/18