Description of the Board

The South Whitehall Township Planning Commission is a seven member Board (four-year terms), comprised of Township residents, all appointed by the South Whitehall Township Board of Commissioners. The members serve voluntarily without pay.

The current members of the Planning Commission are:

Planning Commission

  • William H. MacNair | Chairman, term expiration 4/2016
  • Brian Hite | Vice-Chairman, term expiration /2016
  • Alan Tope | Secretary, term expiration 3/2019
  • David Dunbar, term expiration 10/2015
  • Diane E. Kelly, term expiration 7/2022
  • David Wilson, term expiration 12/2022
  • Anthony Tallarida | Assistant Engineer
  • Jennifer Alderfer | Assistant Solicitor

Please send any communications for the Planning Commission only to Gregg Adams, Planner.

The Planning Commission generally meets the third Thursday of each month, but there can be cancellations of regularly scheduled meetings, or extra meetings scheduled for emergency purposes and heavy case loads.

The great bulk of the subject matter studied by the Planning Commission pertains to the suitability of land development and subdivision plans, however, it also reviews proposed changes to the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map, proposed changes to the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, Comprehensive Plan revisions, rezoning petitions, and conditional use applications.

The subject matter to be considered by the Planning Commission is advertised in the newspaper, as a Public Notice in the classified ads section, two weeks, and again one week, before the meeting. Public Notices are also posted on this web site. As a courtesy, ten days before a meeting the Township will attempt to send property owners within 300 feet of a proposed land development a copy of the Public Notice by mail.

Subdivision and Land Development applications must be submitted by the published cut-off date. Resubmitted plans may be received after the published cut-off date, with the prior agreement of staff and Township Engineer. There can be no guarantee, however, that plans submitted will be deemed sufficient for a review by the Planning Commission. Also, circumstances such as: the volume of plans to be considered; the availability of a quorum, or bad weather can affect the possibility of having a review on the desired date. The members do their best to accommodate expeditious review, however, most plans require more than one meeting before a recommendation can be rendered.

The Planning Commission is advisory to the Board of Commissioners. After it completes its own deliberations, the Planning Commission forwards its recommendation on to the Board of Commissioners for final disposition.  Click here to download the Planning Commission’s report to the Board of Commissioners of its activity during 2019.


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Meeting Schedule

All meetings are open to the public.