Description of the Board

The Parks and Recreation Board is a seven-member board comprised of citizen volunteers. They serve with no remuneration and are advisory to the Board of Commissioners.

The Parks and Recreation Board meets to discuss topics related to Township parks and recreation programs that are brought by the members themselves, by residents, or referred to them by other boards. Commonly, land development plans that are under review by the Township are sent to the Parks and Recreation Board for their perspective.

Generally, the members meet at 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month. Unless necessary, the Board does not meet in the months of December, July and August.  Anyone wishing to bring a recreation issue before the Board should contact the Parks and Recreation Department a week prior to the meeting to have the matter placed on the agenda.

Board Members

  • Gregg Spence | Chairman
  • Katrina Idleman | Secretary
  • Mark Ackerman
  • William Glose
  • Dave Keppel
  • Keisha Champagnie
  • Steve Walck

If you’d like to submit an application to volunteer for this Board, download the Volunteer Board Member Application on the right.

Meeting Schedule

All meetings are open to the public.

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