Management Team

Township Administration
4444 Walbert Avenue
Allentown, PA 18104-1699
Telephone 610-398-0401
Recorded Information 610-398-2730
Fax 610-398-1068
E-mail [email protected]
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Department Managers

Township Manager

Manager, Renee Bickel                                                       610-398-0401

[email protected]

Director of Township Operations/Treasurer

Director, Randy Cope                                                          610-398-0401

[email protected]

Police Department

Chief, Glen Dorney                                                              610-398-0337

[email protected]

Community Development Department

Director, George Kinney                                                      610-398-0401

[email protected]

Finance Department

Director, Steve Carr                                                            610-398-0401

[email protected]

Public Works Department

Superintendent of Public Works, Herb Bender                        610-398-0401

[email protected]

Utilities & MS4 Program Coordinator, Mike Elias                                610-398-0401

[email protected]

GIS & Information Technology

Director, David Manhardt                                                    610-398-0401

[email protected]

Parks and Recreation

Manager, Mike Kukitz                                                           610-398-0401

[email protected]

Township Secretary

Secretary, Steve Carr                                                          610-398-0401

[email protected]

Township Engineer

J. Scott Pidcock

The Pidcock Company                                                        610-791-2252

Township Solicitor

Attorney Joseph Zator

Zator Law Offices                                                                610-432-1900

Tax Collector

Lynn-Anne Kocon, CPA

2227 Albright Avenue, Allentown PA 18104                        610-398-4050