Trash Collection

Refuse Collection

The residential hauler for South Whitehall Township is J. P. Mascaro & Sons, located in Allentown. Trash is picked up once a week; recycling is picked up once a week; and yard waste is picked up once a week. Their contact number is 610-434-2501.

Every resident will have a refuse toter for use in placing his or her trash out for collection. The collection schedule is one time per week. Your designated pick-up will include every type of item that you had previously placed out for collection, plus yard waste. You are still permitted one bulk item per week, also on the same day. Your new refuse toter is only for the collection of trash.

Place your yard waste out for collection in an open container or bundled, not weighing more than fifty pounds. Your grass clippings, placed in an open container or paper recycling bag, will be picked up on the same day as your refuse. You will be required to purchase a grass sticker for each container. The price for grass stickers is $3.00 and they are good for a one-time use. Grass stickers may be purchased at the Township Building (4444 Walbert Avenue), as well as at Giant Food Store (3070 Tilghman Street, Allentown in the Village West Shopping Center). Payment at the Township Building must be in cash, check or money order, as credit cards are not accepted.

Please place your items out for collection the night before the scheduled pick-up.

As a reminder, when placing yard waste out for collection, it must be placed in no more than two (2) separate and open containers.


Holiday Pick-Up Schedule 2016

During a holiday week, all trash and recycling days that fall on or after a holiday will be picked up one (1) day later than normal.
The hauler will observe the following holidays:

Memorial Day — May 30th
Independence Day — July 4th
Labor Day — September¬†5th
Thanksgiving — November 24th
Christmas — December 25th
New Year’s Day — January 1, 2017

Did You Know?

  • If you are placing extra trash for collection every week, please remember that it must be placed in the refuse toter. If your volume of waste exceeds the capacity of the refuse toter, please purchase an additional refuse toter for trash collection. Your refuse/recycling bill will not increase if you purchase an additional refuse toter. However, only two refuse toters per residence will be picked up each week.
  • Bulk items are limited to a maximum weigh limit of 50 lbs.
  • You are permitted to place one bulk item per week for collection (does not include bagged trash).
  • Cleaning a house or garage?

You may also purchase a BULK STICKER for a fee of $30.00 at the Township Building. This will accommodate a pile of trash six (6) feet long by three (3) feet wide by three (3) feet high. The sticker should be affixed to an item that will be easily seen by the driver. As an alternative, you may rent a dumpster from any hauler. Please do not place the dumpster in the street.

  • All trash, recycling, yard waste, grass and bulk items must be placed out for collection the night before your pick-up day. Items that are not at the curb when the hauler arrives will not be picked up until the following week.
  • Grass clippings left on the lawn provide nutrients. Please try to grass cycle.
  • If you move out of the Township, please leave the recycling toter and refuse toter at the residence.
  • When you move into a new home, please call the Township Building for information regarding a new refuse toter and recycling bin – 610-398-0401.
  • If the truck damages your refuse toter, please call J. P. Mascaro & Sons at 610-434-2501 for a replacement.
  • When your trash or recycling is missed, please call J. P. Mascaro & Sons at 610-434-2501. If you are not able to resolve your concerns with J. P. Mascaro & Sons, feel free to contact us at the Township Building for assistance or clarification on the issue.
  • Separate trucks are used for the collection of each of the following: trash, recycling, grass, yard waste and bulk items.
  • When there is a weather-related emergency and the trucks are unable to pick up your items, they will be collected on the following day.

Refuse Toter System Information

The South Whitehall Township refuse hauler is J. P. Mascaro & Sons.

Each residence in the Township is provided with a container commonly called a refuse toter. Refuse toters are containers on wheels and they will be picked up and emptied mechanically by the hauler.

The refuse toters are available in three sizes: 35 gallons, 64 gallons and 98 gallons.

Rules For Curbside Collection Of Yard Waste (not including Grass Clippings)

J. P. Mascaro & Sons will collect yard waste at the curb on a year-round basis. Yard waste must be placed out the night before your scheduled pick-up. Please follow the rules mentioned below:

The limit will be two (2) OPEN containers or bundles per week. Each container or bundle cannot exceed the weight limit of 50 lbs.

Acceptable items:

  • Tree trimmings – up to 3″ in diameter and 4′ in length.
  • Shrubbery and hedge trimmings, prunings, garden waste (tomato plants, weeds).

Unacceptable items:

  • No tree roots.
  • Branches can be no longer than 3″ in diameter and 4′ in length.

Yard and Garden Drop-Off Center:

Additional yard waste can be dropped off at the Yard & Garden Drop-off.
The Drop-Off is available year round on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
The hours are as follows:

Summer Hours: April 1st through September 30th from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Winter Hours: October 1st through March 31st from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

During the Township leaf collection (usually around October), you must place loose leaves in the street, not in your yard waste containers.

IESI Bethlehem Landfill

To dispose of additional trash or bulk items, you have the option of using the IESI Bethlehem Landfill. This is not a substitute for your weekly household trash pick-up. The service can be used if you are cleaning out a home and would like to dispose of excessive amounts immediately.

Their address is:

IESI Bethlehem Landfill
2335 Applebutter Road
Bethlehem, PA 18105

For information and prices, call: 610-317-3200

Their hours are:

Monday through Friday – 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday – 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.