Recycling Pick-Up

What qualifies as recyclable?

The following items are recyclable and should be placed in your recycling toter for collection:

  • Metal – Aluminum cans (beer and soda), aluminum foil and foil plates, metal lids, metal food cans (tin/steel).
  • Glass – Glass bottles and jars (food and drink only).
  • Plastic Containers – Plastic bottles and containers labeled #1 through #7 (soda, water milk, juice, liquor, shampoo, detergent, condiments, salad dressing, yogurt, margarine).
  • Mix Paper and Cardboard – Paper can be placed loose in the recycling toter. Material such as newspaper and inserts, magazines and catalogues, junk mail, envelopes, file folders, office white, colored and computer paper (staples and paper clips okay). Corrugated cardboard boxes, cereal, tissue, gift boxes, etc. (remove liners). Paper bags, phone books, wrapping paper (remove metallic paper, bows, etc.).
  • Shredded Paper – Place no more than one sealed brown shopping bag of shredded paper.

Recycling for all COMMERCIAL Activities includes:

  • Aluminum
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Bi-Metallic and Steel Cans
  • Corrugated Paper
  • Glass (Clear, Brown, and Green)
  • High Grade Office Paper
  • Leaf Waste (should be kept separate from the municipal waste)
Unacceptable Materials:
  • Ceramics, dishes, coffee cups, drinking glasses
  • Glass ovenware, Pyrex, Vision Ware
  • Window glass, mirrors, light bulbs
  • Plastics without #1 through #7 labeling
  • Plastic bags, Styrofoam packaging, bubble wrap
  • Tissue or paper towels
  • Milk or juice cartons
  • Metallic or coated paper
  • Waxed boxes
  • Books or toys

A To Z Recycling Guide

Place items out for collection the night before your pick-up day.
Any items listed below must be generated from your residence.
Items from any businesses are not permitted.


Will be accepted at the following stations (there is no fee and the limit is five (5) gallons):

Outten Chevrolet – 1701 Tilghman Street
Schweikert’s Auto Service – 17th and Roth Avenue


Refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and freezers contain Freon.
Contact PPL to see if you qualify for their rebate program at You do not have to be a PPL customer to qualify.

***NEW*** Contact FirstEnergy to see if you qualify for thier rebate program at or call 1-877-270-3521 to schedule a pick-up. You must be a FirstEnergy/Met-Ed/Penelec/Penn Power customer.

If you do not qualify or wish to participate, a decal for $50.00 must be purchased at the Municipal Building and placed out for pick-up on your collection day.


All other appliances can be placed curbside for collection on either trash day-limit one (1) bulk item per week.


Automobile & small engine batteries – return to any station or retail store that sells them. 
Household batteries – AERC, Home Depot and Lowe’s 
Household rechargeable batteries – AERC, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Staples 
Rechargeable tool batteries – Lowe’s


One (1) standard room of carpet (9′ x 12′) permitted on each pick up day. Place out in roll that is no longer than five (5) feet in length.

Cell Phones

South Whitehall Township now has a place to recycle your old or used cell phone so that it will not be thrown in the trash. A recycling bin is in the main lobby at the Township Building for the purpose of collecting your old or used cell phone. These will be taken to Turning Point of Lehigh Valley for use with their victims for the purpose of dialing 911 in an emergency. If you would like to take your phone directly to their Administration office, the address is 444 East Susquehanna Street, Allentown between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Christmas Trees

Place trees at curbside the full month of January – remove tinsel and other decorations.


Clothing can be ‘recycled’. By donating unwanted items you can help others in need and receive a tax write off. Please contact the following organizations:

Goodwill Industries
Drop off behind the store. Goodwill will take everything.
4650 Broadway
Allentown, PA 18104

Salvation Army
1195 Mickley Road
Whitehall, PA 18052
610-434-9560 – for drop-off

Purple Heart


Brick and asphalt – small amounts can be wrapped in newsprint and placed in brown grocery bag – maximum weight, 50 lbs. Large amounts – please call Township for clean fill facilities.

Construction Debris

Includes drywall, lumber, and shingles – Limit of one (1) container (60 lbs.) or bundle (50 lbs.) per week. This will be considered your bulk item for the week.

Electronics Recycling

AERC Recycling Solutions collects and recycles electronics. This service is available to all Lehigh County residents and businesses.

Examples of items accepted, at a minimal cost, include: answering machines, telephones computers, monitors, printers, and laptops. Keyboards, radios, stereos, modems, televisions, VCRs, fax machines, copiers, mobile phones, pagers, microwaves, all types of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries and whole fluorescent lamps. Media destruction is also available.

Items not accepted are counter top appliances, toasters, hair dryers, smoke detectors, and large appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators, washer/dryer).

Every Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at:

2591 Mitchell Ave.
Allentown, PA 18103
(610) 797-7608

Please contact the following businesses for additional information, hours of operation and pricing/fees (if applicable).

A+ Industries – will accept computers
415 N. 15th St.
Allentown, PA 18102

Staples – will accept computers
4628 Broadway
Allentown, PA 18104

Best Buy – will accept computers, TVs, DVD players, and cell phones
1504 MacAurther Rd.
Whitehall, PA 18052

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

For fluorescent light bulbs, please contact AERC.
For compact fluorescent light bulbs, please contact AERC at 610-797-7608.


Bulk items such as couches, mattress, box spring, etc., place at curbside on your designated pick-up day at no additional charge. Limit is 1 item per week.

Furniture can also be ‘recycled’. By donating unwanted items you can help others in need and receive a tax write-off. Please contact the following organizations: Goodwill, Purple Heart, and the Salvation Army.

Grass Clippings

Grass is only picked up from April 1st to October 31st of every year and will be collected at curbside on your designated pick-up day.  Residents are allowed one (1) 35-gallon container of grass clippings per week.  Any additional container(s) of grass clippings will require a sticker.  The sticker(s) can be purchased at the South Whitehall Township Municipal Building or Giant Food Store in the Village West Shopping Center at 3070 Tilghman Street.  The fee is $3.00 per sticker, and the stickers are a one-time use.

Please consider mulching your grass; this returns important nutrients to your lawn.

Household Hazardous Waste

Please check the phonebook for local listings.


Latex paint is not considered a hazardous waste. To properly discard of latex paint, please do the following:

For small amounts:

  • Leave lid off in a ventilated area.
  • When dried, wrap in newspapers and place in trash.

For larger amounts:
Remove and discard the paint can lid.

  • Make sure the paint can is 1/2 full or less. If the can is more than 1/2 full, pour excess into another container, such as a milk jug or coffee can.
  • Add clay-based kitty litter or absorbent material so that the can is 3/4 full.
  • Stir paint/kitty litter mixture.
  • If liquid paint remains, add more kitty litter.
  • Allow paint/kitty litter mixture to air dry until hard – approximately 1-2 days.
  • Dispose of the can in the garbage without the lid. Cans will not be picked up by the hauler if they can’t see that the paint is dry.

Oil-based paint is a combustible material and must be disposed of properly; please check the phonebook for local listings.

Prescription and OTC Drug Disposal

The South Whitehall Township Police Department located at the Municipal Building has a collection box in the front office.  Drugs that will be accepted include expired, prescription, and over-the-counter drugs.  NO needles or liquids will be accepted.

Propane Tanks

Do Not Place At Curbside For Collection.

To return old, used tanks – the following businesses will accept them for a fee:

Trexler Haines – 6635 Tilghman Street 610-395-2525 (Charge of $7.50 + tax per tank)

Shredding (paper)/Styrofoam/Scrap Metal

Liberty Recycling
526 North 3rd Street
Allentown, PA  18102
(610) 433-0129

Liberty Recycling provides a free shredding service, and there is no limit. Staples are okay, but please remove paper clips and binder clips.

They also recycle styrofoam products (cups, meat trays, electronic packaging, foam egg cartons and packing peanuts). All items must be clean and dry. To make sure it is Styrofoam, the item must ‘snap’.

In addition, Liberty also buys scrap metal (copper, iron, steel, brass, etc.)


Local tire retailers will take tires for a fee.

Used Oil

Will be accepted at the following stations (there is no fee and the limit is five (5) gallons):

Outten Chevrolet – 1701 Tilghman Street, (610) 628-3598
Schweikert’s Auto Service – 1701 Roth Avenue, (610) 821-5600

Yard Waste

Is collected curbside year-round on your pick-up day. The limit is two (2) open containers or bundles per week that cannot exceed 50 lbs. Items must be 3″ in diameter and no longer than 4′ in length.

Please see Recycling Drop-Off for additional information.

If you have something you would like to dispose of and do not see it listed on the website or know of service provided by a company or organization not listed, please contact the Township at 610-398-0401 or contact us at to send your request via email.