NEW! Lifeguard Certification Course

Looking for your first job soon? Looking for a job to add to your life part time? Looking to enter a field that will allow you to climb a ladder while still relaxing and enjoying time with people by the pool?


Get an American Red Cross Certification in Lifeguarding, CPR and First Aid in 1 weekend!  Join us at the township building and Parkland High School on December 8 and 9 from 9am-6pm for Lifeguard Training.  Cost is $350 per person.  This course is run by Shoen Safety and is open to ages 15 and up. If you are a township resident there is a $50.00 discount. There will be a direct opportunity for employment offered through the township to all participants 17 and up!


Register at:

Saturday, December 8 (Township Building Public Meeting Hall)

Sunday, December 9 (Parkland High School Pool)


  • Check Out Shoen Safety’s Facebook Page :
  • Learn this awesome CPR Dance that Shoen Safety uses to make the courses that they teach fun and lively! CLICK HERE 
  • Email to submit an application (Forms Tab in the Top Right Corner of this page) to be a lifeguard for our Swim and Gym Program and to pass your Information along to local summer pools that are also hiring!