PPL Installing Routers at Various Locations

As you may already be aware, PPL is working to install new meters for all of their customers Prior to completing, they have contracted with an outside company to install routers at various locations.

PPL is replacing their meters for several reasons, many of which involve better service for customers. The new meters will enable new energy-saving technologies, and will give customers improved access to data that will help them manage energy use. The meters will help PPL more quickly detect outages to improve reliability, and will help us detect energy theft and fraud to reduce costs.

Also, PPL’s current meters are reaching the end of their useful lives. They are proactively replacing them with meters that will bring us into full compliance with state regulations on meter technology.

Before PPL installs their new meters, they must put supporting equipment in place. PPL has hired a contractor, Riggs Distler, to install routers (a picture is below) on some utility poles and street lights in their service area.  Riggs Distler performed router installations this spring and summer in the Lehigh Valley area.  PPL’s new meters, when installed, will send secure, encrypted data to these routers.

You might have seen Riggs Distler crews out doing the work in your community, and you may notice these devices once they are attached. Neither the installation or the operation of these routers should have any impact customers.